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Enroll in health insurance through Person-To-Person Insurance in Roxboro, NC

With the rising costs of health care, not having health insurance, vision insurance, and dental insurance isn’t just an option anymore. Choose the plan that’s right for your family by calling Person-To-Person Insurance.

The agents of Person-To-Person Insurance have plenty of experience to handle your health insurance needs. Our primary agent has more than 40 years of health insurance industry experience! Today, we specialize in health care for the Medicare Eligible and Affordable Care Act enrollment.

3 things you need to know about the Affordable Care Act AKA Obamacare before enrolling

Open enrollment for Obamacare is in progress, so it’s important to have a plan. Your wellbeing is at stake—protect it by equipping yourself with this essential healthcare knowledge. Here are some facts about the Affordable Care Act that you should know:

  1. You need to get health insurance if you can afford it to avoid paying a penalty.
  2. You can’t be denied health care because you have a pre-existing medical condition.
  3. You can only enroll in Obamacare once every year, from November through January.

What questions do you have about Obamacare enrollment? Call Person-To-Person Insurance today at 336-598-0594 to speak to an agent. We’ve been serving folks just like you in Roxboro, NC since 2005, and we’re here for your health insurance questions and concerns.

Don’t leave your family in crippling debt—enroll in a life insurance plan

You chose a comprehensive health care plan so that you would be covered in the event of an emergency. For the same reason, you should invest in a solid life insurance policy. You don’t want to leave your successors with your debt, hospital bills or funeral costs.

Enroll in a life insurance plan through Person-To-Person Insurance in Roxboro, North Carolina. Call Person-To-Person Insurance today for a free consultation.

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